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Hello and welcome to my PR friendly blog! I am a wife, mom of 2, and owner of 4 dogs, 2 cats and George the Goldfish.  I enjoy shopping, reading, writing, sharing, hanging out online and cooking.  My family also has fun camping and doing it DIY home projects.

I am a family friendly site and encourage the promotion of everything that entails the following but not limited to:  handbags, kitchen gadgets and appliances, baking kits and food products, home decor and furnishings, jewelry, fashion accessories and clothing items, beauty and skincare products, personal & healthcare items, hair care products and styling tools, camping gear, tools, art projects, pet care items, techy gadgets and electronics, entertainment and travel packages.  *Other items may be accepted as well, please just contact me to discuss your product or service.


For product reviews/giveaways,  I do require a full size product to create a thorough review and I do not return products.  Items/Services to be reviewed shall be supplied by the company at no cost to the reviewer, and all ship fees should be covered as well.  This includes products shipped to giveaway winners.

Once a review is written, it will remain on the site and shall not be deleted.  I will gladly provide you with a link to the review once it has been completed.  If you have certain links you would like included in the review, I will be happy to include website and social media links for your company.  It is my goal to complete all reviews within 30 days of fully testing product or service, though many are completed within 2 weeks.  I will not publish a review of an unsatisfactory product/service, but I will however alert your company of any disappointing issues I find, to allow an opportunity for it to be corrected.  If you desire me to try your product/service again at a future date I will be glad to assist you.

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I will also gladly consider publishing your sponsored posts, running your ad on my blog and other advertising services.  For more details on any of these services, please contact me at

Social Media Stats: You can find my facebook page here to verify my fan count and my twitter account here to verify my number of followers.  Here is my Klout score.

Brags:  I have worked with Sears/Kmart, Latex Bliss, Melissa and Doug, SodaStream and other companies.

Thank You.  I look forward to working with you! 

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