Monday, April 27, 2015

Clyppi Nail Clipper & Set Review

Clyppi Nail Clipper & Set Review

I recently received a set of Clyppi Nail Clippers for review. Honestly, I did not expect to be very impressed.  After all, it is just nail clippers, right?  Wrong.  First, these are very sturdy and very sharp grooming tools.  Second, they have a lifetime guarantee.  Also, they come with a wonderful velcro pouch with inner pockets for storage.  We all have that issue with losing our clippers, but Clyppi thoughtfully provided this pouch to help us keep track of our favorite nail grooming items.

Let me tell you a bit about my family and why I know you will love these as much as we do.  My son has autism and he is very, very sensitive to many grooming routines.  He is unable to clip his own very thick, very strong nails.  I have to do this for him and I always dread it due to his extreme sensitivity.  Clyppi clippers are my new kryptonite weapons against his Superman nails!  Literally that is what I call them and my son chuckles.  These tools have a great smooth and sharp edge that clips without tearing.  We love that they are not overly curved, which makes maneuvering them under tight areas easier.  My son's nails tend to be very close to his skin in many spots, making it often tricky to get the clippers to fit.  Clyppi has made this process so much easier for us.

My daughter has those thin nails that peel and tear easily.  Clyppi cuts so smoothly that she no longer has to deal with awful peeling when the clipper doesn't fully cut through the way it should.  Myself and my husband have thick nails (though not as bad as my son's by any means).  We also enjoy the sharpness and smooth cutting style of these clippers.  I like to keep my nails fairly long but don't like them very rounded because they are more prone to breaking that way.  Clyppi is just rounded enough to be smooth in appearance without causing a severe curvature of the nail.  My husband and I both enjoy that feature. 

Clyppi cutters also have great ridging details for a better grip, but they are not so deeply grooved as to be uncomfortable.  My family loves everything about this set of grooming tools.  Easy to hold and use, strong enough to clip easily without tearing or peeling the nail, and a great way to store them. These are easily the best set of clippers we have ever owned.

Get your own set of Clyppi clippers today!  Remember, they have a lifetime guarantee, so they could be the last set you ever have to buy!

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