Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Securing Your Home, Keeping Your Family Safe

Securing Your Home, Keeping Your Family Safe

Securing Your Home, Keeping Your Family Safe:

How safe is your home? Your family?  You've taken steps and precautions to keep them both as safe as you can.  You have a first aid kit, a deadbolt, placed emergency numbers in plain view, set up an evacuation plan and meeting place.  Is there more you could do?  Maybe like me, you have security lights and a trained dog.  Possibly, you've gone a step further and have an alarm system and carbon monoxide detectors.  

I bet, like me, you think you have most of the basics covered and like me, there are probably things you have overlooked.  Right now you can take this super easy quiz for free to find out how prepared you are for accidents, fires, floods, break-ins, and other emergencies that could harm your home or family.  MBIntel will point out what you are doing right and what you may have overlooked.  Get your free analysis HERE at their site.  You can easily upgrade to the full version, for $29.95 but through 4/30 you can save $10 with coupon code MomBuzz - making your cost only $19.95

The free version gives you a simple, at a glance look of a variety of categories with a color coding system of green (you're good-to-go), yellow (not bad, but improvements could be made) and red (you need to seriously considers many ways to make your home/family safer).  You'll first see a screen similar to the image shown below, and then the quick and easy to read coded categories previously described.

The full version will give you a detailed list of safe areas and unsafe areas regarding your home and loved ones.  I learned that I really need to stock my pantry with non-perishable foods and lots of water, obtain an outdoor cooking device, learn how to use my fire extinguisher and pick up a couple more.  I also really need to obtain a carbon monoxide detector and go to that CPR class that I always meant to take.

There is nothing more precious than our home and family.  We would take any measures possible to protect them.  Why not get this invaluable analysis to find how to better ensure the security of what is most important to you?  I can think of no better investment. So try the free version, see how you score.  If you don't do as well as you had hoped, you can improve and take more precautions. Get the full version of the home risk & emergency preparation report, like I did, and to see what steps you still need to take.

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