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Zipz Shoes Product Review

Zipz Shoes Product Review

Zipz shoes are a great innovative, time-saving, money-saving, space-saving idea that has become a reality.  They were created by Californian, Jerry Stefani, and his family.  Zipz were designed for convenience and ease but the family wanted more than that.  Zipz shoes are just what they sound like - a pair of shoes that zip and unzip.  They unzip to allow a new cover to be zipped on to give you a second look.  These covers are sold separately and are great for saving time and money, while enjoying all the fashion looks you crave!  

I received a pair of these awesome sneakers for review.  I had intended that my daughter and I share them - especially since I was sent a second cover to try out as well.  So much for that idea!  The moment they hit my door - Kaity snagged them from me and placed them on her feet.

My teen, Kaity, is much like these shoes - she zipz! Everywhere! Since she is homeschooled, she has much flexibility and can take her school work with her.  She travels to visit family in neighboring towns for extended visits and spends long weekends with friends.  On one of her outings, she visited her big sister, Jonna, who tried her best to sway her into handing over her Zipz. 

Jonna made it further than I did and actually got her feet in them.  She proclaimed them to be the most comfortable shoes she had ever put on her feet.  She called me up and said they were like stepping into a cloud.  Jonna also stated that she has dibs on them should Kaity outgrow them or decide on a different style of shoe.  I had to inform her, that I have dibs on them -next, if that day ever comes!

We have had these Zipz shoes for almost two months now - and let me tell you 98% of the time they have been Kaity's feet.  I have let you know that my girl is a bit fickle - okay more than a bit! She is a teen who loves changing her look and her style and her clothes!  I was amazed that she has clung to these shoes like crazy!  Well I was amazed, until one night I actually got to try them on for myself and wear them around the house a bit.  They are seriously comfortable!  

Now I know what the girls were raving about and I didn't want to give them back.  I am going to have get a pair for myself, because I can see now that these are never going to be shared.  Kaity saw them on my feet and said "What are you doing? Get out of my shoes!"  I told her I wanted to use them for a couple of days and she protested greatly that she neeeeeded them.  At least, I got to wear them and enjoy them for a little while.  Again, I have to get a pair just for me!

What makes these shoes so awesome that 3 gals are ready to play tug of war for them and call dibs like little kids?  Sure they are new, trendy, cool and offer tons of stylish options, but those are not the only reasons why.  It is their amazing design and high quality.  Zipz shoes use an 8 ounce, durable canvas to provide maximum strength and superior quality.  That is double the amount that companies such as Converse and Vans use in their shoes.  Even the soles of the Zipz are created to provide maximum traction, without the annoying squeak you experience with some other sneakers.  

The great people at Zipz have added arch support and a customized extra cushioned insole to provide amazing comfort, we can only describe as cloud-like.  Besides just being super cool - the zipping feature of Zipz actually is super cool! They allow breathability in the shoe, letting air flow in and out and preventing the wet, stinky sneaker foot!  That's right, with Zipz, your feet will stay fresh and dry all day.  Perhaps that is also why the pair we got is still intact and in good shape, despite non-stop wear.

Tipz on Zipz:  When changing covers pull outward and an angle.
Okay, just the one tip - but tipz just fit better! 

Now I know what you are thinking.... I am gonna keep changing the covers and the zipper is going to wear out fast and then where will I be?  Nope, not gonna happen!  Zipz uses only the best - YKK zippers and fastening systems and Zipz offers a lifetime warranty against defects.  So go ahead, pull off the covers and toss them in the wash and try on a cover-design.  Switch them around as often as you like!  That is what Zipz are created for!  These are not just a fad - these are a quality shoe you can really fall in love with easily!  From design to selections to quality, they are everything you could ask for in a shoe - and more!

To see all the great styles and designs available - check out their pdf catalog HERE
or go to their site and shop HERE

Follow Zipz on Facebook and Twitter to see what new things will be offered in 2013 and for glimpses of some of your fave stars zipping around in their Zipz!

*I received these Zipz shoes, at no charge, for the purpose of review.  Regardless of compensation, the opinions stated here are 100% honest and my own.

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