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HBL Straightening and Styling System Product Review

HBL Straightening and Styling System Product Review

hbl Straightening and Styling System
Cleanse, condition and straighten dry, unruly tresses with the HBL Straightening & Styling System. Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner moisturize parched tresses while Straight & Style creates smooth, straight and frizz-free styles effortlessly. 

The great people at HBL recently sent me their Straightening & Styling products for review.  This set includes both hbl Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, and hbl Straight & Style (as shown in the photo above).  The entire set may be purchased for $62.90 here at the hbl website.  This is a great offer because when you purchase the shampoo and conditioner, you are getting the 300 ml  styling product FREE (a $33.95 value).  Even better still, your purchase comes with a 120 day money back guarantee.  I love companies that back up their promises.

This consumer-friendly company sent me their entire 3 piece Straightening and Styling Hair Care System.  All three of these hbl products come in a tall, shatter-proof, hard plastic, shimmery blue, attractive bottle with a black lid, which has a pop up, narrow slit dispenser.  The lids stay on well and they do not leak, but I do feel they need a new way of dispensing the products.  Either a much larger slit, a pop top with a large round opening, or even better still a pump style dispenser at the top of the bottles would work much better for these products, especially the hydrating conditioner. 

I like that the bottles are cylindrical in shape, not bulky in my hand, nor do they take up much space in my bathroom shower.  I much prefer this style over wide round bottles or squared ones. I will say though, that because they are so durable, they are not easy to squeeze, so be sure to shake the product down first, to make dispensing it easier.  This is not so much a problem with the Straight and Style product though, as it is thinner.

All the ladies in my family have tried out the hbl hydrating shampoo and conditioner.  We love the luxurious perfumed scent of these products.  It reminds us of being in a high quality salon.  The shampoo doesn't pour out of the bottle like water - oh no! It has a great creamy quality to it.  The shampoo is a beautiful golden pearly color and lathers and spreads easily.  I will say that it rinses clean, you will not feel any residue or film on your hair.  This bothered at me at first because, well I have dry hair.  So my hair felt dry as I rinsed it but I proceeded to the next step, the hbl hydrating conditioner.

The conditioner is amazingly thick!  This is a great thing because you know you are just packing your hair with incredible moisture and pampering it.  Unfortunately, it is also a bad thing because the slits on the lids of the hbl bottles is simply not large enough to get an adequate amount of product out of the bottle, without straining something!  Solution - take the lid off of the bottle before attempting to get your conditioner.  Tip the bottle upside down and thump it down on your palm several times until you get it.  Work the product through damp/wet hair and let it sit for a bit and then rinse thoroughly.  It rinses well and leaves your hair feeling moisturized and healthy.

The hbl Straight & Style has been used mainly by my daughter, Kaity.  She has extremely curly hair but prefers to wear it straight. She loves how light the product is; it doesn't weigh down the hair.  More importantly, she is amazed at how much time it takes out of her hair straightening routine.  It has shortened her straightening time down from an hour to just a little over thirty minutes.  Her thick, abundant, curls are much easier to tame and straighten when using hbl Straight and Style.  It doesn't even take much of the product to achieve this - it spreads very well throughout the hair.  See her results in the photo below (we recently colored her hair red, but it is still Kaity in both photos.)

I don't straighten my hair often, but I recently got a new hair cut that looks really great when straightened.  So while I had been using the shampoo and conditioner regularly just to smooth out the curls a bit, I decided to try the Straight and Style too when practicing my new look at home.  It was awesome.  Instead of 3-4 swipes through my hair with the flat iron, 1-2 did the trick. Better still, my style held longer than normal.  My hair tends not to stay straight very long, unlike some people who can keep their style until they wash it.  I was able to go two days without touch up.  I am thinking now, with these products, I may just wear my hair straight more often.  Less hassle and longer lasting style certainly encourage me to have fun with another look more often!  More  reasons to love it? It is clear, smells great, isn't sticky and doesn't leave that awful, flaky residue you get with some products.

Not only are their products great, but the company is pretty awesome too!  Don't you love companies that actually care about their customers? hbl is one such company!  Their products are paraben free, and all of their shampoos have a pH balance of 4.5 to 5.5 making them safe for all hair types, even color treated.  Their shampoos are also free of sulfates; sulfates can irritate the skin and damage the hair cuticle.  In addition to these great feature, hbl products all have the same great fragrance so that can you use items from any of their lines and not worry about scent-clashing.  The hbl company also realizes that we are not always certain which products would be best suited for our hair type, so on their website they offer a product recommender to help us decide.  They even have almost 20 different hairstyles you can learn to re-create at home using their video tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

To find out more about hbl and all the great products they have to offer, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their website.  Straightening hair care products may not be what you are looking for, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check out hbl - they offer products for volumizing, revitalizing, curling, hydrating and more.  You can learn more about them and shop their products at

I received these complimentary products for the purpose of review.  Regardless of compensation, all opinions stated here are 100% my own, honest evaluations.

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